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leftylucey - Katie Luce Fan Page

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leftylucey - Katie Luce Fan Chat

Posted by @leftylucey - on 2013-03-30

Homemade Easter cupcakes!
Posted by @theSteveDowling - on 2012-08-23

Download Office File Here

These are some of the original recipes I put together in my "recipe book".
Posted by @restorearth - Richard dowling on 2012-07-17
I'm definitely a fan. Congratulations on the Scholars program acceptance.
Posted by @theSteveDowling - Steve Dowling on 2012-07-04

Cute bunnies at the zoo.
Posted by @theSteveDowling - Steve Dowling on 2012-06-06
Posted by @leftylucey - Katie Luce on 2012-04-24
Nice, can't wait :)
Posted by @theSteveDowling - Steve Dowling on 2012-04-23
Updated the fan page. Fan page is automatically updating. This will be perfect when you have lots of medical requests coming in from patients.
Posted by @leftylucey - Katie Luce on 2012-04-23
Hope the ribs were all you hoped for ;)
Posted by @theSteveDowling - Steve Dowling on 2012-04-21
Ribs! Yum, I am really looking forward to dinner. We are supposed to get snow though :(
Posted by @theSteveDowling - Steve Dowling on 2012-04-19
Looking forward to dinner tonight. Hopefully some tennis too.
Posted by @theSteveDowling - Steve Dowling on 2012-04-19
I am ready for Oozefest. It should be fun. As you are the captain of the team, you better be good.
Posted by @theSteveDowling - Steve Dowling on 2012-04-03

Canoe ride in Allegheny National Forest.
Posted by @theSteveDowling - Steve Dowling on 2012-03-28
It's tough to start a green initiative your first week at work.
Posted by @leftylucey - Katie Luce on 2012-03-23
You're welcome. Thanks for taking me.
Posted by @theSteveDowling - Steve Dowling on 2012-03-15
Thanks for going to the game with me. It was fun even though they lost.