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  • Create groups to chat and upload photos in an organized way

  • Anyone can upload photos from anywhere into one specific place

  • Instant message with members of groups which relate to a specific event or subject

  • Groups archive after period of time so all chat and photos posted are available

  • Perfect for friends having a night out or for a business to promote a product

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bunchofus - Stephen Dowling Fan Page

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bunchofus - Stephen Dowling Fan Chat

Posted by @nicenata - natalia ellison on 2014-12-28
hi i am natalia,i saw your profile and i became interested in you
i will like you to contact me on my email. my name is natalia. please reply me back
at my email (nataliaellison@yahoo.com)

Posted by @bunchofus - Stephen Dowling on 2012-07-27
Now, users on a mobile device can directly tweet from a public group or their Fan Page! Bunch Of Us is ready for both desktop and mobile users.
Posted by @bunchofus - Stephen Dowling on 2012-07-27
Now, users on a desktop can authenticate their Twitter account and directly tweet!
Posted by @bunchofus - Stephen Dowling on 2012-07-03
Bunch Of Us now offers the ability to login with Facebook!
Posted by @bunchofus - Stephen Dowling on 2012-05-20
Invite multiple people to a group at once by going to the all friends page from the left side of your screen. This should make it much more user friendly.
Posted by @bunchofus - Stephen Dowling on 2012-05-08
There is now a Bunch Of Us app available for Android phones. The app is free in the Google Play store. On this app, users can create groups, instant message, send friend and group requests.
Posted by @bunchofus - Stephen Dowling on 2012-05-03
Trying to take screenshots of my app for the Android market is a real pain. Hopefully can get it fixed shortly.
Posted by @bunchofus - Stephen Dowling on 2012-04-24
Auto-updates of the group chats and the friend activity log are now working. This will make Bunch Of Us much better and much more user-friendly.
Posted by @bunchofus - Stephen Dowling on 2012-04-23
Updated the auto-update on the Bunch Of Us group pages. Now, everytime someone chats in a group, it will update. No need to refresh a page, it is just like instant messaging.
Posted by @bunchofus - Stephen Dowling on 2012-03-28
Updated the sitemap. Added a logo to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Everything progressing well.